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Travel Insurance
We have specialised in providing travel insurance for UK travellers and holiday travel agents both directly and through a network of travel agents for over 15 years.
High standard of service
More than 6 million people have already purchased travel insurance from us, and our accumulation of knowledge and experience ensure, among other things, high standards of service, stability and, above all, understanding of the real needs of the international traveller of today.
Each policy is backed up by a 24 hour emergency service centre with the ISO 9000 qualification. This is to ensure that effective service and assistance is in place online when you really need it.
Our International travel insurance program is available for individuals directly through this website, as well as for travel agents, insurance agents and travel websites through our Affiliate Program.
This site is designed to provide you with quick and comprehensive information and services that you may require in connection with our travel insurance products.

Moving abroad?

As well as travel insurance, you can ensure your belongings are kept safe when moving abroad by trusting their transportation to a reliable company with years of experience of shipping people’s property overseas.

The 'bubble Act' Of 1720 Restricted The Provision Of Insurance, Although The

The 'Bubble Act' of 1720 restricted the provision of insurance, although the King later granted charters to the Royal Exchange Assurance and the London Assur

The Policy And Slip Are Then Sent To Lloyd's Policy Signing Office

The policy and slip are then sent to Lloyd's Policy Signing Office (LPSO). This Company department first examines the documentation to check for

To Encourage Specialist Training, The Committee Of Lloyd's Has Established The Lloyd's

To encourage specialist training, the Committee of Lloyd's has established the Lloyd's Training Centre. However, many young recruit