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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance

There Are Two Commonly Expressed Prejudices: That Customers Do Not Like To

There are two commonly expressed prejudices: that customers do not like to deal with women, and that women claims and sales inspectors could be assaulted when they are travelling around These are real barriers to career progression for women, but the case studies show that women can be successful. It is always possible for women to get jobs and make their mark, although they will probably have to push against the sexism still evident in UK Business culure. Types of Insurance - Life Insurance and Pensions: Life insurance falls into three categories: term, whole life and endowment. It is a means of providing financial security for dependants in case of premature death, or of saving money for a pension or annuity to provide income after retirement.

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Life insurance may attract certain forms of tax relief, which are also applicable to annuities and pension schemes. Pension schemes usually include some element of life insurance, and consist of variations on endowment insurances, term insurance and annuity plans Term Life, Whole Life and Endowment Insurance: Term life insurance covers the insured against death within the period stated by the policy.

It is, in effect, a temporary insurance, because the insured sum is only paid if the insured dies within a certain specified time. Whole life insurance is arranged so that the company agrees to pay out a fixed sum when the client dies. This is a permanent contract, dependent on the client maintaining the policy payments. The size of the premium depends on the age and health of the insured.

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From an insurer's point of view, this is a totally different kind of policy from term life insurance, because the question is not if the company will have to pay the sum insured but when it will have to pay. Under endowment insurance the insurer undertakes to pay the insured person an agreed sum at the end of a specified number of years, or on the death of the insured, if sooner Other forms of insurance are linked to investment, and provide capital or income through various types of the endowment insurance, annuities or pension insurance. Industrial Life Insurance Industrial life insurance is a valuable way of saving money for those on a low income who must put aside a fixed amount of money on a weekly basis in order to be able to save.

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To Facilitate Saving, Companies Employ Agents To Collect Money From Policy -

To facilitate saving, companies employ agents to collect money from policy - holders, providing a door - to - door service similar to that for news

The Clubs Work As Mutual Benefit Agreements, And Each Ship Owner Puts

The clubs work as mutual benefit agreements, and each ship owner puts up money to cover particular risks, or the percentage of the claim that an insurer will not me

The Financial Loss Incurred Is The Consequence Of The Fire. Loss Of

The financial loss incurred is the consequence of the fire. Loss of profits and extra running expenses resulting from fire must be insured separately. This kind of insurance is various