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Stone Manor - To Achieve This, In Some Large Organisations, Every Member Of Staff Has

To achieve this, in some large organisations, every member of staff has an annual staff development interview with the following aims: ? To provide staff members with the opportunity to discuss their future ? To identify problem areas related to the person's performance or to the job itself and set standards for improvement. ? To discuss achievements and skills attained and the benefit from earlier training courses and experience. ? To discuss assistance with further development 'on the job' and course requirements. ? To recommend to personnel and training departments possible courses of action to maximise to the advantage of all concerned the particular skills and abilities of each individual.

These reviews usually continue throughout a career so that all members of staff are aware of the personal interest in their development. This is considered particularly important at the present time because of mechanisation, when it is so easy for people to become mere numbers on a computer pay - roll, which may result in staff losing their sense of identity and belonging Mechanisation is changing the nature of insurance work. Many jobs now involve much less routine clerical work than in the past, because of the introduction of computers, HIGH END Servers and other such technology. It is not possible to foresee all the effects of this change.

Some insurance companies are talking about introducing a computer into every branch of the company network, aiming eventually to eliminate paper transactions. Staff will need a combination of insurance and technical both online and back office skills, and this rationalisation is likely to result in lower recruitment needs as companies capitalise on their resources and cut back on costs Despite the introduction of new technology, insurance remains a relatively conservative industry. Training is a gradual process, and recruits can expect to be supervised and guided for quite a few years. Most companies are organised in a hierarchical corporate structure, with many levels of supervision and management, and it requires ability and perhaps luck to reach the uppermost parts of the pyramid.

Naturally, large organisations change slowly, so that recruits must be able to fit into the prevailing structure and environment without questioning the why and wherefore of the system. Personnel managers try to choose the right kind of recruit, and most people who do not fit in quickly leave insurance for a different field. The Lloyd's market tolerates more individualism than insurance companies, and both brokers and underwriters are likely to have a more flexible and less hierarchical structure.

Recruits can quickly make their mark and may progress more rapidly, but even here training is gradual, so that recruits must think ahead to long - term career progression. Conservative nature of insurance is still reflected in the treatment of women within the industry All companies are required by law to have equal recruitment opportunities for men and women, and to provide equal chance of progression, and company policies reflect this legal obligation. However, some prejudice may be evident, particularly in branches outside London where branch managers may be reluctant to enact company policy.

There Are Two Commonly Expressed Prejudices: That Customers Do Not Like To

There are two commonly expressed prejudices: that customers do not like to deal with women, and that women claims and sales inspectors could be

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To facilitate saving, companies employ agents to collect money from policy - holders, providing a door - to - door service similar to tha

The Clubs Work As Mutual Benefit Agreements, And Each Ship Owner Puts

The clubs work as mutual benefit agreements, and each ship owner puts up money to cover particular risks, or the percentage of the claim that an insurer will not meet. Average Adjuster