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The Company Employs A Few Graduates, In Data Processing Departments And In

The Company employs a few graduates, in data processing departments and in specialist professional areas. The balance of recruits in Chatham is roughly 70/30 female/male, and in London 70/30 male/female. ? Corporation Services ? Premises ? Personnel ? Training ? Communications ? Purchasing ? Catering ? Underwriting Room ? Services ? Press Relations and ? Information ? Public Relations ? Information ? Journalism ? Membership Services ? New Underwriting Agents' ? Applications and Solvency ? Requirements ? Administration, Sale, Purchase ? and Registration of Investments ? Research and Development ? Finance ? General Accounting ? Financial Management ? Investment Management ? Taxation ? Aviation ? Accident Surveying ? Aircraft Records ? Management Services ? IT System Analysis ? Computer Programming / web development ? Computer Operation ? Organisation and Methods ? Claims and Recoveries ? Hull, Cargo and Reinsurance Claims ? General Average ? Marine Recovery ? CPS ? Department Policy Examining ? Clerical Support including use of Visual Display Units ? Advisory, Brokers and Legislation ? Advisory Service to L ? New Brokers' Applications ? Legal Aspects of Insurance ? Business ? Department Organisation All new recruits are given an induction course. Later training is mainly on the job, although the Company runs a range of training courses.

Full day - release is available for study towards relevant examinations, such as the ACii ( . Lloyd?s Policy Signing Office: Lloyd's Policy Signing Office (LPSO) is the biggest Company department and is mainly situated in Chatham. It is responsible for checking and validating all Lloyd's policies and ensuring accurate accounting for premiums and claims between underwriters and brokers.

(,-a-,-associations/XISXCS ) After a broker has managed to get a slip fully subscribed he will send the relevant documentation to the LPSO. Policy examiners check the slip and proposal for any discrepancies, and then issue an authenticated policy. This will be sent to the client's broker, accompanied by a premium advice note to inform the client of the charge for his insurance cover. LPSO is split into three sections - marine, non - marine and special adjustments and renewals, and 0 and A level recruits may enter any of these three areas as trainee policy examiners. GCSE entrants will work as support staff. The work is of a clerical nature, with extensive use of data inputting, word and excel.

It involves checking the date, policy number and certain prerequisites. The data will then be entered on the computer by a direct - day entry clerk, to ensure that the policy is properly recorded and the financial transaction has taken place. The position requires education to GCSE standard, with keyboard typing skills of 40 - 50 words per minute. There is a possibility of moving on to policy examining, but such moves are unusual.

Working in insurance Case Study: Lynda joined the Company after leaving school in 2006. She was brought up in Gravesend, and has nine GCSEs and three A levels. She applied for an interview after seeing an advertisement and was shown around the LPSO. She is now 23, and describes her progress: ?I worked in London doing renewals and adjustments, which are special processing procedures and in 2011 I went to aviation for three months to get experience of a different kind of work.

Then I Moved Into Training To Help With The Relocation Programme, And

Then I moved into training to help with the relocation programme, and in 2009 I became a Section Head in aviation. Now the assistant manager is on secondment, so I'm

At This Stage The Broker Will Come In And Tell The Underwriter

At this stage the broker will come in and tell the underwriter what has happened. We'll send a surveyor out to look at the incident, and if it is

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Then the recoveries department comes in, because it may be possible to prove that those 10 cases went missing on the ship. In that case you would