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Far Too Often We Confuse Ourselves By Believing That We Need Only

Far too often we confuse ourselves by believing that we need only increase our knowledge or learn another technique to improve our performance. Nothing could be more misleading: we must first ensure that we have the skill to use these when we have acquired them. An employer does not only employ our knowledge and techniques; essentially, he employs our skills in using the knowledge and techniques required to perform the tasks that he wants done.

When engaging a potential employee he looks for credible evidence of ability (skill) to carry out those tasks. Identifying skills: Identifying your skills is not easy. It requires time, disciplined thought and real determination.

One way to start is to examine some of your past achievements. What made you successful at these? Ask yourself the basic question: how did I do it? At first you may find this difficult, often confusing skills with knowledge and experience. Ask yourself what skills you used to acquire the knowledge and experience? Did you acquire these easily? Often you may miss identifying your real skills because you find something easy or natural to do and assume, therefore, it is something anyone can do. This is rarely true.

What You Do Easily And Usually Enjoy Doing Often Provides Clues To

What you do easily and usually enjoy doing often provides clues to your underlying skills and abilities. Once you understand and recognise these, you can develop them and make

As A Good Digital Marketing Man, You Know You Must Use Your

As a good digital marketing man, you know you must use your understanding of the communication spectrum if you are to influence the act

Only After An Exchange Of Information Will An Understanding Of How Far

Only after an exchange of information will an understanding of how far the candidate is likely to meet the interviewer's needs begin to be established. Then can be deci