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What banners do I need to make my conference professional?

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What banners do I need to make my conference professional?

When choosing from the wide range of graphical displays available on the market be aware of production time and cost. Designing a banner stands calls for careful attention to detail and not all images scale to 5 foot plus.

When you have agreed the right design, ask yourself, is this eye-catching or simple a copy of what you have seen before, or what your competitors are using? Choose a design that is simple and can be read from 10 feet away.  There are free templates on the web that you can use to make a start.

Choose colours (branding allowing) that stand out from the stage's background and really pull your audience's attention. Reflecting the nature of the conference and the profile of your company are excellent guide to creating a professional conference display. Remember that production times vary and of course, the banners have to be couriered to your premises.

Allow for a good 10 days lead-time for design - print - delivery.

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